Our games are often designed to represent various eras in gaming, from the retro stylings of the 16-bit era through today, bringing classic and modern ideas together.
AAGH Games

Sometimes people forget that games should be fun.

We never do. We are an indie game development team and we make games that are fun to play. We hate tedious games or ones that nickle and dime the player for their fun. AAGH Games is all about the fun - if it isn't fun, it's not in our games.

We have been making games since 2013 and have produced a small number of released titles to date. We also regularly participate in game jams for fun and to interact with players, the community and other game developers.

We usually host our web games on the All Around Gaming Hub's Game Center first.

Fun Games for Fun's Sake

If it isn't fun, it's not in our games