Agtnan - DarkBlocks Arena
Agtnan: Monster Shutdown Sequence

Take advantage of each arena's unique layout and features to stay alive, from conveyor belts and portals, to rotating platforms, to high-speed underground transit tunnels.

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Survive the Monster Shutdown Sequence as a lone robot, braving the Shutdown Arenas and prowling Night Terrors to stay alive.

When some robots get old, they refuse to shut down, and have to be run through the Monster Shutdown Sequence. As one such robot, avoid or kill the monsters across a range of unique maps using explosives, warp tubes, moving floors, portals and more to survive.


  • SURVIVE - Each of the maps features unique themes and mechanics, from spinning gears, moving platforms, and laser fences.
  • FIGHT BACK - You're not powerless - each map comes with spawn points for explosive boxes you can pick up to take the fight to the enemy.
  • IMPROVE - Creds fall from beaten enemies and will let you improve your circuitry, giving you new and improved abilities. Run faster and longer, take more damage, and even unlock new explosive types.

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Agtnan - PortalBelts Arena

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