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Party Ball (Windows PC)

Released: November 2013 (Windows PC)

Party Ball is a maze-based puzzle game about getting cups of cola to a party on time, dodging hazards across four exciting worlds. With its unique control scheme you bounce the party ball though over 40 levels of fun and increasing difficulty.

Party Ball was designed with old-school gamers in mind and a

classic 16-bit feel.


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Home Run Bash (Android)

July 2016 (Android)

Go for the glory of being the new home run king in Home Run Bash, a home run derby game for Android. Select your stadium and try to time your swing with the pitch to hit the baseball clean out of the park. You can also burst the many floating balloons over the playing field to really rack up a high score.

More games to come!

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Chicken Boom (Web and Android)

Released: February 2014 (Web), January 2015 (Android)

Chicken Boom is a poultry shooting gallery, and a total blast. Shoot countless chickens out of the sky with a range of high-powered weapons, from rifles to rocket launchers. The Android version has improved graphics and an in-game item shop for even more chicken-blasting fun.

Chicken Boom evokes the light-gun games of old for a new  generation.

Party Ball Arcade (PC, Web and Android)

December 2015 (Web), January 2016 (Android)

The Party Ball is back in Party Ball Arcade. With more levels, bigger worlds, nastier hazards, harder mazes and improved presentation, Party Ball Arcade is in every way bigger and better than the original. Party Ball Arcade was released on Google Play in January 2016.