Cave Killers

Entered in Ludum Dare 36 ("Ancient Technology")

Your spaceship crashed on a primitive planet. Use your machine gun and rocket launcher to recover your precious gold coins from the cavemen before the swarm and kill you.

Icy's Trivial Travails

Entered in Ludum Dare 31 ("Entire Game on a Single Screen")

With but one screen to play with, we went with a trivia board game design, and the result is Icy's Trivial Travails. Solve trivia questions to get around the board, collecting keys to unlock gates to reach the center of the board, all the while dodging a snowman-munching yeti.

Melody's Long Ladder Home

Entered in Ludum Dare 30 ("Connected Worlds")

Guide Melody back to her bedroom in the sky in this 2D side-scrolling platformer where you gather coins to buy the ladders needed to get home.


Here are our entries in recent Ludum Dare game jams

Dial "M" for Monster

Entered in Ludum Dare 33 ("You Are the Monster")

Hunt survivalists in the woods using stealth and claws, avoiding arrows and close-range knife attacks from the humans. The survivors require food and light and will seek them out, giving you a chance to hunt them one-by-one.

Driven Insane

Entered in Ludum Dare 32 ("Unconventional Weapon")

Driven Insane is a tower-defense style game where you try to keep your more successful neighbor from getting to his job safely by hurling cows, pigs and squirrels at his car.

Breakout Bunny

Entered in Ludum Dare 38 ("Small World")

You're a bunny rabbit who gets fed a few too many growth pellets and escapes their cage, so why not go exploring? Find more pellets, break the scales and escape the house.


Entered in Ludum Dare 35 ("Shapeshifting")

Control a ball that can change elements and navigate three challenging levels of ice, lava and cannon fire. ShiftyBalls is a 3D platformer about using your various elemental powers to survive to the flagpole at the end of each level.

Box 'N Bash

Entered in Ludum Dare 34 ("Two Button Controls" and "Growing")

You're charged with dropping crates to fill up a room up to satisfy the world's crankiest foreman.

Needle in a Neighborhood

Entered in Ludum Dare 37 ("One Room")

Can you find the giant golden sewing needle in this small neighborhood? Go from house to house, searching the 80+ randomly decorated rooms and see for yourself.

Shoulda, Coulda but Didn't

Entered in Ludum Dare 39 ("Running Out of Power")

Take control of one of two characters and drive the both of them to the nearby store, but make sure you get there safely and your electric car's battery running dry.