Rick Heil

Co-owner, artist, programmer, webmaster

Rick runs the art and programming ends of AAGH Games, as well as our web presence. Rick has prior experience drawing web comics, and has game server/community management. He is also the head of All Around Gaming Hub, a gaming news and review web site.


Meet our development team

Will Klein

Co-owner, musician, designer, promoter

Will is the music and sound guy for AAGH Games, as well as their social contact manager. Will has prior experience as a drummer in a band, and has also worked in game server/community management. He's also the head of Chaos is Gaming, a gaming editorial site.

We are people, not programs.

We aren't robots, we aren't algorithms. We live and breathe, just like you, and also like you we like to enjoy ourselves. That's why we make our games, so everyone can join the fun. We know that your time is valuable so we try not to make games that bore or annoy, because who has time for that?

Who are we, really?

AAGH Games was originally formed in July, 2013 by Rick Heil and Will Klein, two long-time friends and avid gamers, with the goal of making games that everyone could enjoy.