Chicken Boom 2

Chicken Boom 2 Update is Here

Chicken Boom 2 is getting its latest update on December 2nd, bringing new daily events to the farm. From extra windy days, to stormy ones, to days where the chickens are more plentiful than ever, each day brings a new challenge and experience.

We’ve also updated the interface to make it easier to understand what’s going on, including an on-screen Chicken Coin counter so you don’t have to guess how many coins you’re earning anymore. Finally, we’ve added a slew of performance improvements to make Chicken Boom 2 easier and faster to get into than ever.

This isn’t the last road these chickens are going to cross, though. You can look forward to more Chicken Boom 2 updates in the coming year, so follow us here and on our various social media feeds for the latest.